28 June 2017

Presenting our new website www.icelandseafood.is

  • Improved user experience with a simpler structure that has two objectives: presenting the company and providing easy access to the product ranges
  • Responsive design that adapts to different devices
  • Improved audiovisual content, as well as clear and concise textual content
  • Aligned with the website of the head office and the other companies in the group

Iceland Seafood Iceland has not only renewed the image of its website but has also updated its communication strategy, incorporating current trends in terms of user experience. A new website that is aimed at spreading our differential values as an organization, along with our wide range of products.

The new website is organized around 5 main sections:

  • About us: with basic information about our organization, history and association with the Iceland Seafood International group
  • Products and sources: which offers you access to our products catalogue, our portfolio of brands and the major fishing areas in which we work
  • CSR: aimed at providing information on our sustainability and corporate responsibility policies  
  • Press: news and communication resources
  • Contact

A live website that we will be expanding and improving to keep up to date with the market and your demands.

Do you have any suggestions? Don’t hesitate to let us know!

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