Iceland Seafood International

Iceland Seafood Spain

En 1932 creamos el Bacalao de Islandia

Iceland Seafood Spain is the main importer of Icelandic wetsalted cod in Spain (Bacalao de Islandia) and is a strong player in frozen seafood.
The main market is Spain but the company is also selling to Italy and Portugal.
Besides seafood from Iceland, Iceland Seafood  is also selling and marketing species from other parts of the world.
In order to increase services to the market, the company moved to a newly renovated facility close to Barcelona in 2009.
The new location includes processing facilities, cold stores, a logistic center and a head office.




Import, processing and distribution of salted and frozen seafood of North Atlantic, Asian and Mediterranean origin

Main markets

Spain, Portugal, Italy

Main species

Cod, Ling, Saithe, Redfish, Norway Lobster, Mediterranean Langoustine

Main products

Wetsalted split fish and fillets, frozen light salted fillets, landfrozen and seafrozen fillets and portions, shellfish

Customer groups

Traders, processors, distributors, retail