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Iceland Seafood USA

King Cod and Queen Haddock with love and care for all your needs

ISI Seafood, Inc., the USA division of Iceland Seafood International imports, maintains inventory and markets full range of Cod, Haddock, and Pollock/Saithe products for the distributor, foodservice and restaurant industry in the USA.

Products are imported directly from Iceland, Russia and China; the right quality at the right price – ISI Seafood has it all.

ISI Seafood, Inc. employs a network of food brokers, who are seafood experts, to work directly with distributors and restaurant chefs in order to match the right product at the right price for their customers.




Purchasing, processing and importing of seafood products for the USA market. Direct sales and sales/marketing of seafood through a network of brokers in various states of USA

Main markets

The North East, Mid West and Pacific regions of USA

Main species

Cod, Haddock, Atlantic Pollock (Saithe), Flounder and Arctic Char.

Main products

loins, fillets, portions, cellos and blocks, IQF or shatterpacks

Customer groups

Foodservice distributors, independent restaurants and restaurant chains

ISI Seafood has it all – loins, fillets, portions, cellos and blocks, IQF or shatterpacks.
  • Top of the line frozen-at- sea (FAS) cod fillets and loins are caught, filleted and frozen on the trawler within 8 hours of catch.
  • Single frozen Iceland Gold® brand items are premium quality 100% natural products from plants in Iceland.
  • Our plants in China process ISI Seafood® brand twice-frozen cod fillets and loins.

Other products
In addition to cod products, ISI Seafood, Inc. has the following species available: Haddock, Atlantic Pollock (Saithe), Flounder and Arctic Char.

Quality control and Responsibility
  • All plants that produce products for ISI Seafood have HACCP control system and full FDA approval.
  • In Iceland, our QA manager inspects Iceland Gold products on regular basis.
  • In China, ISI Seafood products go through an independent quality inspection before containers are shipped to USA.
  • Frozen-at-sea (FAS) products are processed and packed within 8 hours of catch.

Iceland Seafood bases its global sourcing policy on the following principles:
  • To source only from fisheries administrated in conformance with FAO Code of Conducts for responsible fisheries and have proper fishery management systems.
  • Supports independent and credible standards that are set to audit and approve fisheries that are well managed and will wherever possible promote these fisheries to its customers.
  • Committed not to source fish from stocks that are endangered
  • Helps support consumers to make the right choice to source and supply sustainable seafood